Endura Flap E2 Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

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Product Details

  • Seamless flush design: Integrates perfectly with your wall and trim for a sleek, professional appearance.
  • DIY-optimized: A cost-effective solution tailored for homeowners and contractors with their own tools.
  • Customizable wall thickness: Adapts to any wall thickness for flexible installation options.
  • High insulation value: Weather-resistant flaps endure 50mph winds and -40°F temperatures to maintain a comfortable home environment.
  • Double flap design: Provides ultimate draft-protection to keep out drafts and reduce energy loss.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame: Ensures long-lasting durability and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Visually appealing: The flush design blends with your wall for a sophisticated, streamlined look.
  • Weather-resistant flaps: Stay flexible in -40°F temperatures and resist winds up to 50mph.
  • Magnetic lining: Provides a secure closure, preventing drafts and energy loss.
  • Easy installation: Optimized for those with their own tools, reducing waste and costs.
  • Polyolefin polymer flap: Won’t warp or crack in extreme heat up to 110 degrees.
  • Flexible flap design: Swings on a rod at the top to avoid cracking and flexing.
  • Locking cover included: Front-loading locking cover blocks access when needed for added security while allowing pet door to be installed under window sills and other features.
  • Energy-efficient: Keeps home insulated to lower your energy bill.
  • Accommodates various pet sizes: Taller, narrower flap design allows both big and small pets to share the door.

Size Chart

Flap Size Flap Dimension Flap Style Rough Cut Out Outer Dimensions for Inside Frame Outer Dimensions for Outside Frame Recommended Pet Height
Small 6″ w x 10″ h Double 9 1/4″ w x 16 3/8″ h 7 5/8″w x 14 7/8″h 10 1/8″w x 16 3/4″h 8″ – 14″
Medium 8″ w x 14″ h Double 11 1/4″ w x 20 3/8″ h 9 5/8″w x 18 7/8″h 12 3/16″w x 20 3/4″h 8″ – 21″
Large 10″ w x 18″ h Double 13 3/8″ w x 24 3/8″ 11 11/16″w x 22 7/8″h 14 3/16″w x 24 3/4″h 8″ – 27″
Extra Large 12″ w x 22″ h Double 15 3/8″ w x 28 3/8″ h 13 ¾”w x  26 7/8″h 16 1/4″w x 28 7/8″h 8″ – 34″

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